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Change on the Horizon

6 Sep

Life is always moving forward little by little.

This has been very apparent to me recently as I am almost exactly one year away from separating from the Navy.  The past four years have gone by so quickly even though at times it felt like forever.

It is really dawning on me how I am entering a new phase very shortly and need to get my plans in order.  Amidst all that though are the daily tasks of  life.  It would be easy to get sidetracked from health and wellness, school, my relationships, and work by this looming future, but that would ultimately make me fall behind.

For me to be a whole person, fully alive, I need to be balanced and press onward with all of my goals while making specific plans for my future.

I just started my third class of the year for college, that means that goal is completed!  Yay!

Health goals are still going well and I am on track for my weight loss goals. Yay!

My husband and I are enjoying life together and actively discussing our life after the Navy.  Yay!

We have more in savings that we have ever had, and will leave the Navy with a nice security savings fund.  Yay!

I am looking into school options and real estate job options as a plan for when I get out.  Yay!

Major life changes don’t happen every day.  That would be exhausting!  But everyday we can prepare for major life changes by being diligent to create the kind of life that can weather storms and sunshine.

I am excited for the future and what it will bring!  I hope you are too!

What is on your horizon?

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Back In the Groove

26 Jul

The first few days are the hardest when you come back from vacation.

We had a great time going all over Washington and Idaho backpacking and seeing nature, so it was a little tough face the reality of work.

I just tried to keep in mind that the jobs we have allow us to do the things that we want.  And I don’t have much to complain about, I play music for work!

It is nice to be home and get back into the routine of life with my husband and dog.  I like routine…I thrive in it!  Eating healthy.  Working out.  Reading.  Going to school.  Blogging.  It is all great stuff!

These next few months before our next vacation at Christmas we be full of preparing for what is next.  I have just over a year left in the Navy and have some planning to do.  It is finally dawning on me how soon it will be over and what was my life for the last five years will totally change.

Until then I am back in the groove.

Halfway There: An Honest Look at This Years Goals

22 Jun

It is almost summer and that means the year is already halfway done.

If you are like me, you made a list of goals to start the year off.  Making goals is a great first step to learning and growing, but it is always good to review them periodically and see how it is going.

So that’s what I am going to do today!  I will fill you in on most of my goals for this year and find out what ones I am doing great at and which ones need more focus.

I followed Zig Ziglar‘s wheel of life plan for making my goals.  It is the concept that there are 7 main areas of life that need to be balanced.  If one is out of line, then everything starts to get shaky.

Here are the 7 areas and my goals:

  1. Physical: Lose 20lbs by the end of the year and get down to 135lbs.  Accomplish this through portion control, CrossFit at least 3x a week, swimming/running once a week, Paleo+butter and cheese.
  2. Financial:  Become debt free by May 2012. Finish 3 month emergency fund by the end of the year.
  3. Intellectual:  Read one business/self-development book a month.  Take 3 classes this year for college.
  4. Family:  Go on more regular dates with my husband.  Call my mom and sister at least once a week.
  5. Social:  Hang out with a girlfriend every 2 weeks.  Call a friend from home (Syracuse) once a week.
  6. Spiritual:  Listen to a podcast once a week.  Spend an hour every week contemplating life and goals.
  7. Career:  Score well on my Navy rating exam (for promotion).  Get a great evaluation at work.

So there they are.  Now it’s time to see how it is going.

  1. Physical: Well, I haven’t lost any weight, but I haven’t gained any either.  Nutrition is my downfall.  I don’t drink alcohol or coffee so at least once a week I will have gluten free pasta or full on gluten filled pizza for fun.  Portion control when I eat these things unfortunately goes out the window.  The past couple weeks I have been feeling fed up with myself on this issue. I have now been a week of Paleo+butter and some dairy, and I am feeling good about keeping it up.  On the upside, I am seeing great improvements in strength and metabolic capacity from my workout program which is encouraging!
  2. Financial:  We’re debt free!  As of May 15th we paid off our last school loan.  We have begun saving for our three month emergency fun and I feels great.
  3. Intellectual:  I am averaging one book every 2 months.  A bit slower than I had wanted but still progress.  I am also in my second college class and on track to take a third before the year is out.

    My sis and I. It is really important to me to stay close when we live far away!

  4. Family:  Dating my husband at least once every 2 weeks is a blast.  Getting out of the household routine is really fun.  I have been keeping in fairly good touch with my mom and sis as well.  Some weeks are really busy, but we usually make up for that.
  5. Social:  Calling friends from home is great, especially since we are moving back in a year and a half.  However, I struggle with making time for girlfriends out here.  Everyone is married and several have young baby’s so it is sometimes hard to work that out with schedules.  I want to work on this area.
  6. Spiritual:  No podcasts, but lots of time spent contemplating.  I think this is an area I would like to spend more time in.
  7. Career:  I am really happy with this area.  I scored well on my test and am moving closer to promotion.  I also got a good evaluation.

Overall,  I am feeling fairly balanced.  A bit more time in the spiritual and social areas would do me good though.

I like having direction and goals to move forward to, but I also try to be realistic and cut myself some slack.  Goals should be inspiring, not a vehicle for guilt.

How are you doing on your goals?  Have you accomplished any big goals so far?  What do you want to change?

Music in Portland

6 Jun

Hey everyone!

I hope your marriage and week are going well!

Sorry for my absence the past few days.

I am currently in Portland playing some gigs with the Navy Band Northwest for Portland’s Rose Festival!

I will be back online later this week.  Till then…

If you want to check out what I do with the Navy you can “Like” Navy Band Northwest’s Facebook page here.

How the Television Stole Life: Update

10 Nov

I have completed three days of my no TV challenge and so far pretty good.

Instead of TV, I have been reading, hanging out with my pup, practicing more, and doing things (laundry, cleaning, etc.) around the house.  The first night my hubby and I even sat down to dinner together… at the dinner table!

Honestly, I am wondering how I had time to watch TV in the first place because my days have seemed pretty full until 9:30 when I settle down to read and get ready for bed.

On the other hand, I feel like I have been constantly going the last three days, so it will be nice to sit down and relax with my hubby for a reasonable amount of time in the evenings.

I could pick this pup over TV any day!

I have gone from one extreme to the other!

The biggest take away will be finding my balance in this area when the week is over.

I don’t want to watch TV for 3 hours in the evening anymore.  One is enough.

I don’t want to work all day and then work at home all evening until it is time for bed.  Breaks are necessary.

I want relaxing in the evening to be an addition to my life because it helps me recharge after working and achieving my goals all day.

Have you been doing this challenge with me?  If not jump on board, there are two days left!

If you have been joining me on this week long challenge, let me know how it is going so far in the comments.

Good luck over these next 2 days!

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Thanks for the support!

Streamlining Productivity in Our Lives and Homes

12 Oct

My husband has a name for when I leave something half done.

 A Step 2

What is a Step 2?

It is pretty self-explanatory, but a Step 2 is when instead of following something to completion you do it partway, and then leave the rest for later.

For example:  Sometimes after eating, rather than put the dirty dishes right in the dishwasher, leaving the sink available for use, I stick them in the sink.  My husband finds this annoying, and now by proxy so do I.

Is your sink overflowing with dirty dishes?

Here is another great one: I do laundry, fold it, and even bring it to the bedroom, but it sits there for 2 days before I put it away.  It takes all of 5 minutes to put clothes away!  I am proud to say that this Step 2 is pretty much eliminated now.

Why do we do Step 2’s?

Has your laundry basket become your new dresser?

Personally, sometimes I am just feeling lazy, or I hope someone else will do it for me.  Maybe I get distracted by something else that comes to mind and start that before I finish my first task.  Whatever the reason, it makes my life harder in the end, and is a sign that I am not being as effective in my life and home as I could be.

A Step 2 doesn’t only affect us though.  It potentially affects our partner, kids, and maybe even co-workers depending on the situation, leaving them out in the cold because we didn’t follow through.

How do we eliminate Step 2’s?

Awareness is probably the biggest factor.  When I am thinking about leaving something for later, I say to myself, “Is there any good reason I can’t just finish this now?”  If I am out of time, then fine, but usually I have the time to finish something and don’t want to.

Another idea is to make a rule that we don’t move on to a new project until the first is completed.  This may be difficult in a work situation sometimes, but will really help productivity if we focus on one thing at a time.

My husband and I have a cue as well, when one of us is leaving something undone we just say “Step 2”.  This usually draws a chuckle and we finish what we had planned on leaving undone.

Today as you go about your business, notice if you leave things half done.  If so, become aware and try to eliminate some of your Step 2’s.

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