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A Good Meal

20 Sep

Homemade ribs and beans. Yum!

Why do we cook?

Because we need to eat obviously!  Think though, have you cooked five or more meals at home this week?  Four?  Three?  Any?  And I don’t mean a box of something dehydrated, or a frozen tray.  I am talking about fresh meat and vegetables and fruit people!

Cooking has become a lost art to many in America (myself included).  Our schedules are busy and many things seem more important, but I humbly beg to differ.  Many things in life we can do over, but the way we treat our bodies we sort of have one shot on.  We can’t get a new one!  So when I am feeling unmotivated about cooking I try to think about why I cook.

For me it is a way to love people, and I think even on my worst day it will be fresher and tastier than most restaurants (high end excluded).  Also, my husband and I really try to support our local farmers and like knowing exactly what is going into our mouths.  Some people cook at home to save money or lose weight too.  Whatever the reason, it is important to think on that the next time you want to get a pizza with money you don’t have.

Now let me be clear, I eat pizza, and I know that one or two nights a week I won’t feel like cooking, so I PLAN!  Often the reason that we miss the mark is for lack of a goal.  There are so many resources out there to help the busy person plan what they will eat, shopping lists included.  Two that we used were Paleo Plan and E-Mealz.  They come with shopping lists, a weekly plan, and recipes so it is easy peasy!

We are worth it to eat well.  Our families are worth it to eat well and for some our children.  So next time that you get paid, take ten minutes and make a plan and think about why you cook!

Let me know your whys for cooking…

Fresh from the garden!

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