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Traveling Safe as a Woman

8 Nov

As we head into the holiday season, a lot of us will be traveling.  Something that should be on our minds during this time is our safety.

My husband just finished his first master’s degree course on Victimology, so the talk of safety has been recurring in my house lately.

I make the six hour trip to visit my sister fairly regularly, so we have talked a lot about things I can do to make the drive safer.

Here are some good tips he gave me for traveling alone by car:

Before the trip…

  • Prep your car by getting the oil and other fluids checked, and make sure the air is good in the tires.
  • Know your route before you go- good planning goes a long way.

On the road…

  • Don’t stop to help someone on the side of the road-this may seem mean, but someone else can do it, or just call 911 if something looks really wrong.
  • When you stop to fill up, make sure it is a well lit station, preferably not in the middle of no where.
  • As you walk to and from your car, have your keys out so that in case someone comes at you you have a weapon ready.
  • Every so often, call someone to let them know where you are in your trip.
  • Always keep the car at least half full- if you get stranded you want to have some gas to keep you warm.
  • If you do break down have roadside assistance that you can call to get you on your way.

In general…

  • If you “have a feeling” don’t push it aside, follow your gut instincts.
  • Have some common sense- don’t carry your purse around open, don’t walk around with money in your hand.

Some of this stuff (like using your keys as a weapon) seem extreme or overly concerned, but stuff happens a lot more than

we think.

The truth is that although women are empowered and all that, we are still more vulnerable than men, so we need to have safety on the mind.

Don’t live in fear, but live smartly and safely when you are on the road this season.

Don't let this be you!


Holiday Parties and Respecting Your Spouse

31 Oct

So we have entered the season of holiday parties and some of us will be attending many shindigs with our spouses.

I wanted to put forth a cautionary warning and something to ponder.

When you are in public do you tell stories/jokes that make fun of your spouse?  Do you ever cross the line?

You know the line I am talking about…

You say something, then all the sudden feel weird and uncomfortable (and notice that other people do too).

It has happened to me in parties past, and one or two discussions with my husband have come out of it.

Navigating new social situations with your spouse takes getting used to.

When you are married, you have to learn a new way of interacting with others to a certain extent.  Things that were appropriate when you were single or just dating change.

You have this sacred private relationship and it is beneficial for it to stay that way.

At parties, it can be tempting to get a good laugh from everyone at your spouse’s expense, but it leaves your spouse feeling disrespected and everyone else thinks you’re disrespectful too.

When I am at parties and I hear a wife say something complaining or embarrassing about their husband I immediately look at his face.  I notice the dejected look and can see a little piece of manhood chiseled away by his wife’s words.

Let’s clarify a bit.

Funny cute stories that are endearing are up for grabs, but the moment that something has a complaining tone it crosses the line.

Sharing something personal that is uplifting about your relationship is ok, but the moment that you share something too private it crosses the line.

Bottom line, there is a line, and you can feel it when you cross it.

This is a no brainer right?

You would think that this would just be intuitive, but if it was I wouldn’t be sharing it.

I have done it.  I have seen it done too.

What if I accidentally do it?

If you are at a party and realize that you just made your spouse feel uncomfortable with what you said, move on to something else.

After the party, apologize to your spouse for how you made them feel and set a goal to work on it.

As wives, we have the power to lift up our husbands or tear them down!

The next time you are at a social gather, try to only say positive things about your husband.

You will reap the benefits of feeling more in love at the end of the night, and everyone with think you are an awesome wife because of it.

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