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Are You Insane?

12 Nov

I have heard on definition of insanity as:

Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.

I would also describe this phenomenon as false hope, wishful thinking, pipe dreams etc.

Sometimes we get stuck in a way of thinking that keeps us where we are when we want to moving somewhere else the whole time.

This dawned on me the other day at the grocery store. I have been struggling with a wrist injury that doesn’t seem to want to heal all the way. It has been 10 months and although I have gone to the doctor and modified my movements I am stuck at about 60% better. I am grateful for the 60%, don’t get me wrong, but I have stalled out and keep wishing and hoping for something to change.

The thing is… deep down I know what I need to do. I need to completely rest, not just modify so it doesn’t hurt, and eliminate foods from my diet that might be adding to inflammation (dairy).

I have known this for a while, so why do I keep fighting it and thinking something will change anyway?

Fear maybe? Fear that my injury won’t get better? Fear that I can’t stick with the diet and workout changes I need to make?

Yeah I think that’s it.

Then I started thinking about how this applies to everything!!

Our money situation won’t change if we don’t. Our career situation won’t change if we don’t. Our health won’t change if we don’t. Our relationships won’t change if we don’t.

When it comes down to it, we must change if we want our lives to change. There is no way around it. No amount of blaming our situation on someone else that will change it.


And deep down I know what I need to change. I didn’t need someone else to tell me, although sometimes it isn’t a bad thing if someone does. I know in my heart what my life needs to be better.

Do you need to change? Have you been acting insane?

Do you need to stop spending money you don’t have?

Do you need to be nicer to your spouse and change your behavior rather then trying to change them?

Do you need to stop talking about your career goals and actually do them?

Do you need to make a commitment to your health and stick with it?

If you are like me and need to change something, stop acting insane. In the words of Nike:

Just Do It


Change on the Horizon

6 Sep

Life is always moving forward little by little.

This has been very apparent to me recently as I am almost exactly one year away from separating from the Navy.  The past four years have gone by so quickly even though at times it felt like forever.

It is really dawning on me how I am entering a new phase very shortly and need to get my plans in order.  Amidst all that though are the daily tasks of  life.  It would be easy to get sidetracked from health and wellness, school, my relationships, and work by this looming future, but that would ultimately make me fall behind.

For me to be a whole person, fully alive, I need to be balanced and press onward with all of my goals while making specific plans for my future.

I just started my third class of the year for college, that means that goal is completed!  Yay!

Health goals are still going well and I am on track for my weight loss goals. Yay!

My husband and I are enjoying life together and actively discussing our life after the Navy.  Yay!

We have more in savings that we have ever had, and will leave the Navy with a nice security savings fund.  Yay!

I am looking into school options and real estate job options as a plan for when I get out.  Yay!

Major life changes don’t happen every day.  That would be exhausting!  But everyday we can prepare for major life changes by being diligent to create the kind of life that can weather storms and sunshine.

I am excited for the future and what it will bring!  I hope you are too!

What is on your horizon?

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15 Aug

Are you afraid?

I have been thinking about fear lately and the role it plays in my life.

Recently Jon Acuff has written some great posts on fear in relation to our passions and aspirations and it has got me thinking.  What am I afraid of?  Do I believe in myself?  Can I really be successful at: my relationship, my future, my blog, my health?

Fear is one of the most driving human emotions.  It fuels our flight or fight response.  Will I fight for my…(you fill in the blank) or run from it?

In regards to a relationship, having thoughts like “can we make it long term”, “can we get through this”, and “will it always be like this” are natural.  They indicate that we actually care!  However, we can’t live our life in response to these fearful tendencies.

Living in response to fear causes us to be wimps.  We won’t push beyond comfort zones and challenge ourselves to grow.  Fear becomes a self-full filling prophecy.   If I think I can’t make it, I am right.  Not because I don’t have the capacity, but because I don’t have the discipline, willpower, or courage to get me there.

Thankfully, we don’t have to stay living from a place of fear!!

Courage can grow as knowledge, experience, and practice give us confidence.  So whatever it is you are afraid of and believe you can’t do…you can.

You CAN lose weight.

You CAN have a thriving relationship.

You CAN be happy.

You CAN live out you passions.

Just fill it in for yourself!

I know that for me it has been life changing to admit my fear, and start the process of moving through and one day beyond it.

The alternative is much worse…a life of disappointment, forgotten dreams, unreached goals, and the knowledge that you could have been more than you were.

What are you afraid of today? What would build your courage to believe in yourself?

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Moving Forward

15 Jun

An exciting weekend is ahead for my husband and I!

This weekend we are headed to CrossFit Bellevueto attend our CrossFit Level 1certification. It is going to be two days of fitness and health, and the first step towards one day opening our own gym!

It is always exciting when you take steps towards your dreams and future. Another way we are moving forward is by shadowing (and soon to be assistant coaching) at our local gym Kitsap CrossFit. They have been so helpful and supportive, and there is so much we can learn from the coaches and owners!

So as we move forward here are some thoughts on what we need to accomplish our goal of opening a gym:

1. A goal: Clarifying and writing down our goals is important and gives us direction.
2. A plan: We have to identify the knowledge we need and steps to take to get there. For us this would be CrossFit certifications and capital to open. We also need people resources and the knowledge they have.
3. Mentors and Examples: We have a good relationship with the owners of our current gym and can draw from their experience and use them as sounding boards. We also can visit other gyms and see how they are set up and run to have models to mirror.
4. Accountability: Marriage affords a great accountability partner as do other close relationships. Mentors also offer great accountability as their purpose is to challenge and encourage you.

It is exciting to move towards the future! Hopefully you have an exciting future you are working towards as well!

What does your future hold?

Sleep: The Miracle Marriage Revitalizer

1 Jun

Did you know that sleep is super important?

You are probably thinking, “Duh!”

Are you actually getting enough?  As in 8-9 hours?

I personally notice a HUGE difference between a 6 hour night and an 81/2 hour night.

The lesser leaves me waking groggy and grumpy.  Not to mention that I crash later in the day.  A full 8 hours makes me refreshed, in a great mood, and ready for the whole day.

My husband and I really noticed this today.  Wed night we had a 6 hour night, then yesterday was a 12 hour gig day for the Navy Band .

When we got home we crashed and were easily irritated at life.  (Thankfully not at each other though!)

Then last night we got 8 hours of sleep and this morning it was like nothing that happened yesterday mattered.  Situations we were annoyed about seemed clearer and less emotionally driven.

What a nice surprise!

So here is my thinking:

If you are finding yourself easily irritated at life or your spouse, ask yourself if you are getting enough sleep.  It makes a world of difference!

How much sleep do you get?

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A Good Meal

20 Sep

Homemade ribs and beans. Yum!

Why do we cook?

Because we need to eat obviously!  Think though, have you cooked five or more meals at home this week?  Four?  Three?  Any?  And I don’t mean a box of something dehydrated, or a frozen tray.  I am talking about fresh meat and vegetables and fruit people!

Cooking has become a lost art to many in America (myself included).  Our schedules are busy and many things seem more important, but I humbly beg to differ.  Many things in life we can do over, but the way we treat our bodies we sort of have one shot on.  We can’t get a new one!  So when I am feeling unmotivated about cooking I try to think about why I cook.

For me it is a way to love people, and I think even on my worst day it will be fresher and tastier than most restaurants (high end excluded).  Also, my husband and I really try to support our local farmers and like knowing exactly what is going into our mouths.  Some people cook at home to save money or lose weight too.  Whatever the reason, it is important to think on that the next time you want to get a pizza with money you don’t have.

Now let me be clear, I eat pizza, and I know that one or two nights a week I won’t feel like cooking, so I PLAN!  Often the reason that we miss the mark is for lack of a goal.  There are so many resources out there to help the busy person plan what they will eat, shopping lists included.  Two that we used were Paleo Plan and E-Mealz.  They come with shopping lists, a weekly plan, and recipes so it is easy peasy!

We are worth it to eat well.  Our families are worth it to eat well and for some our children.  So next time that you get paid, take ten minutes and make a plan and think about why you cook!

Let me know your whys for cooking…

Fresh from the garden!

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