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10 Aug

So about a month ago I posted my years goals and how they were going.

One of the things I wanted to work on was my nutrition and weight loss goal.

I am now into my third week of doing a combination diet of Paleo and Zone.  It is going really well so far.  I feel good and am trimming up.

The biggest change however has been in my realization that accomplishing goals like this take 1 big thing to be sustainable:  Time.

Most people can be disciplined and focused, but usually only for a short time.  I included myself in this category for weight loss.  I would eat well for several days, even a week and then “not see results” and then have a “cheat” meal that would lead to falling off the healthy kick.  The thing is, no one sees real results after a week!  Sure you may lose a few pounds of water weight, but real change happens over time.  A month, two or three of real discipline and focus will create change in behavior which should be sustainable for lasting results.

Whether it is weight loss, starting a business or blog, improving you relationship, getting out of debt, or whatever you may want to do, don’t forget that it takes time!

Here is a great formula I got from Dave Ramsey:


Success is focus plus discipline OVER time.  Stay focused and disciplined long enough and things will happen.  Pretty encouraging!

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Halfway There: An Honest Look at This Years Goals

22 Jun

It is almost summer and that means the year is already halfway done.

If you are like me, you made a list of goals to start the year off.  Making goals is a great first step to learning and growing, but it is always good to review them periodically and see how it is going.

So that’s what I am going to do today!  I will fill you in on most of my goals for this year and find out what ones I am doing great at and which ones need more focus.

I followed Zig Ziglar‘s wheel of life plan for making my goals.  It is the concept that there are 7 main areas of life that need to be balanced.  If one is out of line, then everything starts to get shaky.

Here are the 7 areas and my goals:

  1. Physical: Lose 20lbs by the end of the year and get down to 135lbs.  Accomplish this through portion control, CrossFit at least 3x a week, swimming/running once a week, Paleo+butter and cheese.
  2. Financial:  Become debt free by May 2012. Finish 3 month emergency fund by the end of the year.
  3. Intellectual:  Read one business/self-development book a month.  Take 3 classes this year for college.
  4. Family:  Go on more regular dates with my husband.  Call my mom and sister at least once a week.
  5. Social:  Hang out with a girlfriend every 2 weeks.  Call a friend from home (Syracuse) once a week.
  6. Spiritual:  Listen to a podcast once a week.  Spend an hour every week contemplating life and goals.
  7. Career:  Score well on my Navy rating exam (for promotion).  Get a great evaluation at work.

So there they are.  Now it’s time to see how it is going.

  1. Physical: Well, I haven’t lost any weight, but I haven’t gained any either.  Nutrition is my downfall.  I don’t drink alcohol or coffee so at least once a week I will have gluten free pasta or full on gluten filled pizza for fun.  Portion control when I eat these things unfortunately goes out the window.  The past couple weeks I have been feeling fed up with myself on this issue. I have now been a week of Paleo+butter and some dairy, and I am feeling good about keeping it up.  On the upside, I am seeing great improvements in strength and metabolic capacity from my workout program which is encouraging!
  2. Financial:  We’re debt free!  As of May 15th we paid off our last school loan.  We have begun saving for our three month emergency fun and I feels great.
  3. Intellectual:  I am averaging one book every 2 months.  A bit slower than I had wanted but still progress.  I am also in my second college class and on track to take a third before the year is out.

    My sis and I. It is really important to me to stay close when we live far away!

  4. Family:  Dating my husband at least once every 2 weeks is a blast.  Getting out of the household routine is really fun.  I have been keeping in fairly good touch with my mom and sis as well.  Some weeks are really busy, but we usually make up for that.
  5. Social:  Calling friends from home is great, especially since we are moving back in a year and a half.  However, I struggle with making time for girlfriends out here.  Everyone is married and several have young baby’s so it is sometimes hard to work that out with schedules.  I want to work on this area.
  6. Spiritual:  No podcasts, but lots of time spent contemplating.  I think this is an area I would like to spend more time in.
  7. Career:  I am really happy with this area.  I scored well on my test and am moving closer to promotion.  I also got a good evaluation.

Overall,  I am feeling fairly balanced.  A bit more time in the spiritual and social areas would do me good though.

I like having direction and goals to move forward to, but I also try to be realistic and cut myself some slack.  Goals should be inspiring, not a vehicle for guilt.

How are you doing on your goals?  Have you accomplished any big goals so far?  What do you want to change?

Giving Up

20 Jun

Don’t be fooled by the title!  I am not giving up some meaningful dream, or exiting a relationship.

I am just throwing in the towel for my garden… this year anyway.

Some garden beginnings from last year.

Last year I gave it a go and it was fun and rewarding.  This year I have added to my normal life responsibilities: schoolwork, blog writing, and helping out at Kitsap Crossfit .  It’s just too much, and the garden falls short in terms of importance.

I have finally come to peace with it today.  I will probably keep my strawberry plants, but every thing else will be ripped out and mowed down.  It looks like a wild field anyway.  And it will give my pup more romping room.

My Vizsla Trigger. Isn’t he the cutest?!

Sometimes it is ok to give up on something if you are gaining time spent on more important dreams and goals.

As much as I like the idea of growing my own food, I am happy to frequent my local farmers market and buy food from people who are passionate about what they do!  I will be supporting my local economy and gaining time and mental energy to move forward towards my future…Business degree, Blogger, CrossFit gym owner and trainer.

Sounds like by giving up I am really gaining more!

Have you given up on something because you had more important things to do?  Did you regret it or feel that it was the right choice?  Tell me about it in the comments!

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Moving Forward

15 Jun

An exciting weekend is ahead for my husband and I!

This weekend we are headed to CrossFit Bellevueto attend our CrossFit Level 1certification. It is going to be two days of fitness and health, and the first step towards one day opening our own gym!

It is always exciting when you take steps towards your dreams and future. Another way we are moving forward is by shadowing (and soon to be assistant coaching) at our local gym Kitsap CrossFit. They have been so helpful and supportive, and there is so much we can learn from the coaches and owners!

So as we move forward here are some thoughts on what we need to accomplish our goal of opening a gym:

1. A goal: Clarifying and writing down our goals is important and gives us direction.
2. A plan: We have to identify the knowledge we need and steps to take to get there. For us this would be CrossFit certifications and capital to open. We also need people resources and the knowledge they have.
3. Mentors and Examples: We have a good relationship with the owners of our current gym and can draw from their experience and use them as sounding boards. We also can visit other gyms and see how they are set up and run to have models to mirror.
4. Accountability: Marriage affords a great accountability partner as do other close relationships. Mentors also offer great accountability as their purpose is to challenge and encourage you.

It is exciting to move towards the future! Hopefully you have an exciting future you are working towards as well!

What does your future hold?

Finish What You Start

24 May

I am almost done!

With my college class that is. It is nice to finish something that I set out to do. I am already signed up for my next class too! Macroeconomics.

About a year ago I was so frustrated because I felt like I couldn’t set a goal for myself and follow through.

It makes me sad to think that I couldn’t make a promise to myself and keep it. Now it is different.

I started by setting little goals that I knew I could do no matter what. Then I expanded from there.

Now, I am in school, have a great workout routine, I’m getting things done around the house, investing in my marriage, and doing well at my job!

The great thing about spending time on goals and things important to you is that it builds self-confidence. It makes you feel like you have purpose.

Just wanted to encourage you today to set a goal and make a plan to pursue it!


Important, Not Urgent

17 May

Have you ever felt like you were really busy but weren’t getting done what you wanted?

I have had several things on my list that I wanted to complete lately, but kept finding myself exhausted at the end of the day sitting on the couch.

Here’s what was on my list:
1. Weed whack the garden.
2. Plant seeds in the garden.
3. Set up the patio furniture.

You know what’s funny? It only took me 30 minutes to do each of these things when I got around to it!! And it left me thinking “why did I put this off so long”?

It’s interesting how things important to us get put off.

I am setting a goal to do what’s important to me before I do what seems urgent. This is a concept of Stephen Covey’s book, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”.

Hopefully, it will leave me feeling more satisfied and fulfilled with my days.

Wana try it with me?

What have you been putting off that means a lot to you and your future?

So it has been a while…

15 May

I haven’t written in months, but this blog has been on my mind the whole time.

Life got busy, and writing felt like a chore so I stopped.

Moving on…

My holidays were great and I started going back to school online to get my business degree.

I am several years away from graduating because I am still in the Navy working full time as a Musician, but it is progress.

My husband and I have been working out at a great gym again, Kitsap Crossfit, and are really enjoying the community of people and our growth.

As always, we are eating well and enjoying life with with our dog Trigger in the Northwest!

Today I just wanted to give an update on life and talk a bit about dreaming big and starting small.

As I said earlier, this blog has been on my mind for that last several months even though I wasn’t writing.

In my head several years from now I will have: a baby, my own house, my business degree, a Crossfit gym, and a large blog community and income from it.

The thing is, those are big dreams, and they are overwhelming to me.  But I don’t want to think about that anymore.  I want to think and focus on the small things that I can learn and enjoy in the process.

So instead of worrying about who is reading this blog and how many of you there are, I am going to learn how to write better, how to maneuver the world of blogs and…

How to be a better wife.

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