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Appreciate What You’ve Got

13 Aug

Trigger and I on our most recent family hike in the Olympics.

So my husband has been gone in the Olympic Mountains this past weekend with a friend.

Time by myself is often revealing because I have to stand on my own again.  I get so used to having him around and having an interconnected life that it is hard to switch over for a few days.

It has been nice though.  I took the dog out with me places, had lunch with a friend, cleaned out the garage for our gym space, did homework, listened to podcasts, and watched movies that he wouldn’t wanna watch with me.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but different when I am on my own.

It makes me feel more independent to have this time by myself.  I sit down and think about who I am and want to be because I am not distracted by the normal routine.  I think by re-centering myself it ultimately makes me more attractive to my husband because it reawakens all the things he fell for when we were dating.

In the daily grind of life it is hard to stay vibrant and not get bogged down by to do lists, chores, and routine.  Sometimes, it is nice to wake up from the fog of the daily grind, and be filled with ambition and the motivation for greatness!  It isn’t that I don’t feel that in my normal life, but it is re-energized when I am by myself for a few days.

Nothing has changed.  No new revelations.  I just feel more energized for blogging, business school, CrossFit, nutrition, faith, family, friends, and my husband.

Ultimately, although having him gone gives me a chance to recharge, I am always excited for him to get home!  Life isn’t meant to be lived alone, and all the accomplishments in the world feel meaningless without people to share them with.  I am appreciating my relationship, life, and all that I have been blessed with!

Are you feeling blessed today?

Do you need some recharge time?  Even a few hours makes a big difference!

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Giving Up

20 Jun

Don’t be fooled by the title!  I am not giving up some meaningful dream, or exiting a relationship.

I am just throwing in the towel for my garden… this year anyway.

Some garden beginnings from last year.

Last year I gave it a go and it was fun and rewarding.  This year I have added to my normal life responsibilities: schoolwork, blog writing, and helping out at Kitsap Crossfit .  It’s just too much, and the garden falls short in terms of importance.

I have finally come to peace with it today.  I will probably keep my strawberry plants, but every thing else will be ripped out and mowed down.  It looks like a wild field anyway.  And it will give my pup more romping room.

My Vizsla Trigger. Isn’t he the cutest?!

Sometimes it is ok to give up on something if you are gaining time spent on more important dreams and goals.

As much as I like the idea of growing my own food, I am happy to frequent my local farmers market and buy food from people who are passionate about what they do!  I will be supporting my local economy and gaining time and mental energy to move forward towards my future…Business degree, Blogger, CrossFit gym owner and trainer.

Sounds like by giving up I am really gaining more!

Have you given up on something because you had more important things to do?  Did you regret it or feel that it was the right choice?  Tell me about it in the comments!

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NOT a DIY Diva

26 Oct

I love decorating my home and creating a place where my husband, dog, and I can relax.

For a while now I have been reading this great blog The Inspired Room, about authentic living and home decorating.

I actually know the author Melissa Michaels.  She and her husband pastor a church called Voyage in my area.

She is also a wonderful person! Before I started my blog, she graciously spent an hour with me at coffee while I talked her ear off with questions about blogging (thanks again Melissa).

Her latest accomplishment is the release of her first ebook:

 NOT a DIY Diva:How to Create an Authentically Inspired Life in a Pinterest World

Not a DIY Diva

I bought the book yesterday, the day it came out, and will be reading it shortly.

Please check out her blog, and consider buying her ebook. It is only 3.99 and a short read in PDF format.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate seller of this ebook, and will receive a percentage of the sale of ebooks that I refer.

Take A Break

25 Oct

Yesterday, I was reading and commenting on other great blogs and was enjoying it so much that I almost didn’t stop to make dinner.

That got me to thinking.  Sometimes I need to take a break from good things that I like to bless my family.  Because if I leave my husband out in the cold due to my great new blogging hobby, is my new hobby really all that great?

When I  follow a dream and set goals they should be additions to my life and not subtract from other areas.

I think that there is an excited kid inside me still that just wants to play all day long and get lost in fun.  It was an act of will and maturity for me to get off the computer and make dinner.

Do you ever feel like you get so wrapped up in something that it no longer is good?

Is there a kid inside you that wants to play all day?

Write a comment about something good you have to take a break from once in a while.


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