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Back In the Groove

26 Jul

The first few days are the hardest when you come back from vacation.

We had a great time going all over Washington and Idaho backpacking and seeing nature, so it was a little tough face the reality of work.

I just tried to keep in mind that the jobs we have allow us to do the things that we want.  And I don’t have much to complain about, I play music for work!

It is nice to be home and get back into the routine of life with my husband and dog.  I like routine…I thrive in it!  Eating healthy.  Working out.  Reading.  Going to school.  Blogging.  It is all great stuff!

These next few months before our next vacation at Christmas we be full of preparing for what is next.  I have just over a year left in the Navy and have some planning to do.  It is finally dawning on me how soon it will be over and what was my life for the last five years will totally change.

Until then I am back in the groove.


Finish What You Start

24 May

I am almost done!

With my college class that is. It is nice to finish something that I set out to do. I am already signed up for my next class too! Macroeconomics.

About a year ago I was so frustrated because I felt like I couldn’t set a goal for myself and follow through.

It makes me sad to think that I couldn’t make a promise to myself and keep it. Now it is different.

I started by setting little goals that I knew I could do no matter what. Then I expanded from there.

Now, I am in school, have a great workout routine, I’m getting things done around the house, investing in my marriage, and doing well at my job!

The great thing about spending time on goals and things important to you is that it builds self-confidence. It makes you feel like you have purpose.

Just wanted to encourage you today to set a goal and make a plan to pursue it!


The Art of Being and Dreaming

22 May

Yesterday was a great day! 

Hubby and I had the day off together, and after a whole morning of homework for me, went to Barnes and Noble for fun.

We each grabbed a book and started reading.  It was really nice to just be together.  We didn’t have to talk… just be.  You know you have someone great when you don’t feel awkward just being.

What’s funny is that I feel closer to him doing something like reading than when we watch TV together.  Hmm…maybe because my brain is engaged?

Anyways.  After reading for a bit we moved on to dreaming of what is to come.  We like to do that a lot!

In about a year and a half we are going to move back home to Syracuse, NY, and hopefully buy our first house shortly thereafter.  We had some fun looking at houses, talking about what we like, and what we want our life to look like there.

I think dreaming is a good thing!

It defines what we value in life as a couple, and inspires hope for the future!

I think being is a good thing!

It means we are living in the present together, and enjoying each others company.

How do you be with the one you love?

What to you dream about together?

Tell me about it in the comments!

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So it has been a while…

15 May

I haven’t written in months, but this blog has been on my mind the whole time.

Life got busy, and writing felt like a chore so I stopped.

Moving on…

My holidays were great and I started going back to school online to get my business degree.

I am several years away from graduating because I am still in the Navy working full time as a Musician, but it is progress.

My husband and I have been working out at a great gym again, Kitsap Crossfit, and are really enjoying the community of people and our growth.

As always, we are eating well and enjoying life with with our dog Trigger in the Northwest!

Today I just wanted to give an update on life and talk a bit about dreaming big and starting small.

As I said earlier, this blog has been on my mind for that last several months even though I wasn’t writing.

In my head several years from now I will have: a baby, my own house, my business degree, a Crossfit gym, and a large blog community and income from it.

The thing is, those are big dreams, and they are overwhelming to me.  But I don’t want to think about that anymore.  I want to think and focus on the small things that I can learn and enjoy in the process.

So instead of worrying about who is reading this blog and how many of you there are, I am going to learn how to write better, how to maneuver the world of blogs and…

How to be a better wife.

Time to Relax and Reflect

23 Dec

So…I haven’t written in a while.

You probably noticed, or did just now since I mentioned it.

Work got busy, life happened, and I just took a break.

I wanted this blog to be fun and not another thing to feel guilty about if I don’t do it.  So when I started to feel stressed about not writing consistently, I threw in the towel for a bit to reevaluate.

After the new year I will likely get started back up.

Until then Merry Christmas,  Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

Love your loved ones and enjoy some fun and excitement!

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

25 Oct

Hey everyone! This is a great video that I found on a blog I follow called  Successful Woman’s Guides.

Please check out her post and the video. They are both great!

Winter is coming, so it is helpful to know the various ways to wear our scarves fashionably. Enjoy!

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