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Using Our Gifts for Good

10 Oct

About a month ago on September 17th I was honored to be a part of Kitsap Crossfit’s “Fight Gone Band 6” event.

There were over a hundred people who came to support this event at Kitsap Crossfit.

If you aren’t familiar with Crossfit, check it out for yourself.  It is a fitness program that my husband and I subscribe to, and Kitsap Crossfit is the local gym we are a part of.  “Fight Gone Bad” is a specific workout, and once a year people come together at Crossfit gyms around the country and do a fund raising event and the workout.  This year, over 2 million was raised. 

My part, was to sing the National Anthem at the start of the event.  It was a great honor and felt great to be a part of something that was helping so many people.

The experience got me thinking about using our talents to help and enrich others.  I don’t do much volunteering at this point in my life, although this is something I would like to change.  Often, when I think about volunteering, I assume that I have to join an organization to donate my time.  While this is one way to do it, many of us (myself included) feel too busy to do that.  Thankfully, being socially relevant doesn’t have to mean you join local government councils or non-profit organizations.

For the present, I personally can be socially relevant by helping people in my life I am around everyday.

Are you a pretty good cook?  Then donate a dinner to a friend that just had a baby.

Are you a great writer?  Offer to help a friend out of work with their resume.

Are you a musician like me?  Play at a benefit dinner for a local charity.

We all have different gifts.  We can share these to enrich the world around us, or keep them to ourselves.

Do you know a friend or neighbor who could use a night off from cooking?

Think about something you can do to benefit someone you know this week.

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