Where to now?

21 Aug

So I have finished 4 weeks of a Paleo/Zone diet with dairy added.

It has gone great! Here are my ending stats:

Total pounds lost in 4 weeks: 6.5

Total inches lost from waist and hips: 2

Total body fat percentage lost: 3

I am very happy with that and proud that I was able to do it and keep the promise to myself.

But the question lingers in my mind: “Where to now?” 

I am still a ways from my goal and feel motivated to keep going, but would like to make a few tweaks.

The past week or so I have been doing some reading on Ketosis and LCHF(low carb, high fat) diets.  It is somewhat similar to Paleo/Zone in terms of real food and no refined carbs, but the difference is MUCH MORE FAT.

The concept is that carbs (even ones from vegetables and fruits) still raise our blood sugar while dietary fat keeps insulin low and therefore blood sugar low.  After a few weeks of a high fat low carb diet, instead of burning glucose for energy, the body will transition into burning fat for its energy needs.  Its more of an even keel physiologically and provides a sustainable energy source.  I am interested because my one complaint this past month was that my body was craving more fat, even with a high protein intake.

I believe in low carb, because the past thirty or so years since people started recommending high carb low fat diets obesity rates have skyrocketed.  Obviously it isn’t working!  But it is still hard to wrap my head around the concept that fat (even saturated fat) is good for me.  I am in the baby stages of learning about this all, but it resonates with me.

So… I am going to continue to weigh and measure my food and eat Paleo plus dairy, the change is that I am upping my fat intake considerably.  Doing the Zone I was actually only eating 1300 calories a day and was shocked how low it was!  I will be keeping my protein and carb intake roughly the same, but increasing my fat intake so that I am eating 1600 calories a day.  I am excited to see the results and will let you know how it goes.

If you are at all interested, here is a video link to a lecture from Gary Taubes, the author of “Good Calories, Bad Calories” and “Why We Get Fat”, that he gave at CrossFit Training. 

Also, here is a lecture by Dr. Peter Attia.  He is a great lecturer and has experimented and tested the outcome of this diet on himself.

Lastly, a video of a Swedish doctor Andreas Eenfeldt describing the positive changes happening in Sweden as the LCHF diet is gaining popularity.


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