On the Road Again

11 Jun

So as you may have read we spent a few days in Portland last week.  It was fun getting to spend some quality time in a new city!

We got to check out a new gym Crossfit Portland, and had a great time there.  Ate at Jake’s for some good seafood, and some good Thai food from a food cart ( first experience ever with a food cart), and great barbecue .  You may think that all we did was eat!

We also had a great time playing in the Starlight parade, and playing a rock band gig in downtown for Rosefest.  It is always fun to get out there and play for the public compared to military ceremonies, although both are important.

Well, my husband and I are on the road again!  We are visiting family near the beautiful Coeur d’Alene Idaho.  I normally make that drive from Seattle by myself, so it was fun to have company!


However, when you normally do something by yourself you develop a way to do things, so adding my husband to the equation brought up a few interesting moments.   I realized that  instead of relaxing and having a fun road trip, I was trying to be efficient and control how the trip was going.

That doesn’t make for a fun bonding experience.  About two hours in I realized what I was doing, and we had a great time the rest of the trip!  I just had to give up my desire to control.  Hard to do sometimes.

I think the self evaluation that marriage naturally brings about is really special.   And putting your relationship in new situations (like a road trip) brings up new opportunities to grow.  It really makes you look at the ugly in yourself  and make a change for the better.

What other relationship is so close and raw that does that?


When was the last time that you discovered some attitude you needed to change in your relationship? Did you make the change?


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