Sleep: The Miracle Marriage Revitalizer

1 Jun

Did you know that sleep is super important?

You are probably thinking, “Duh!”

Are you actually getting enough?  As in 8-9 hours?

I personally notice a HUGE difference between a 6 hour night and an 81/2 hour night.

The lesser leaves me waking groggy and grumpy.  Not to mention that I crash later in the day.  A full 8 hours makes me refreshed, in a great mood, and ready for the whole day.

My husband and I really noticed this today.  Wed night we had a 6 hour night, then yesterday was a 12 hour gig day for the Navy Band .

When we got home we crashed and were easily irritated at life.  (Thankfully not at each other though!)

Then last night we got 8 hours of sleep and this morning it was like nothing that happened yesterday mattered.  Situations we were annoyed about seemed clearer and less emotionally driven.

What a nice surprise!

So here is my thinking:

If you are finding yourself easily irritated at life or your spouse, ask yourself if you are getting enough sleep.  It makes a world of difference!

How much sleep do you get?

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