40 Years of Marriage

29 May

That’s right 40!

Two days ago my great parents celebrated their 40th year of marriage!

I am amazed by them!

When you are young and only a few years into marriage like myself, it is hard to imagine life 40 years down the road with your spouse.  That is what I vowed and certainly my heart, but still hard to picture.Have you ever thought about it?  What do you want it to look like?

If you are like me, maybe you picture having kids, grand kids even, and a life filled with love, family, and friends.  People are at the center of that picture!

A meaningful life is filled with people, not things or empty accomplishments.  

Every day in the present builds towards the future, so what I value everyday becomes what my life centers around years down the road.  I need to make conscious decisions to put my relationship before things that don’t matter.  I need to love purposefully and not take people I love for granted.

Some good lessons from 40 years of marriage!
Thanks mom and dad I love you so much!If you want to leave a comment on this post click here.

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One Response to “40 Years of Marriage”

  1. mary May 29, 2012 at 09:29 #

    Thanks Steph. You are off to a great start! Love you soooo much. Derek too! Mom

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