Important, Not Urgent

17 May

Have you ever felt like you were really busy but weren’t getting done what you wanted?

I have had several things on my list that I wanted to complete lately, but kept finding myself exhausted at the end of the day sitting on the couch.

Here’s what was on my list:
1. Weed whack the garden.
2. Plant seeds in the garden.
3. Set up the patio furniture.

You know what’s funny? It only took me 30 minutes to do each of these things when I got around to it!! And it left me thinking “why did I put this off so long”?

It’s interesting how things important to us get put off.

I am setting a goal to do what’s important to me before I do what seems urgent. This is a concept of Stephen Covey’s book, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”.

Hopefully, it will leave me feeling more satisfied and fulfilled with my days.

Wana try it with me?

What have you been putting off that means a lot to you and your future?


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