Creating a Cozy Home

3 Nov

The other day, a newer friend of my came over to watch my dog.  It was a last minute thing, and later I realized that she had never been to my house before.

The next day, her husband told me that after she stopped over something funny happened.  When he got home, their spare room (which was the catchall for stuff that didn’t have a place yet) was completely cleared out and organized!

He asked what happened and she said she got inspired by my house because it was clean and organized, but still cozy.  What a compliment!

I was thrilled because that is the exact reaction that I wanted people to have when they came to my home.

The plants don't look too hot, but the decorating is sound.

Does your home make people feel welcomed like that?

If not, don’t worry I am going to tell you a few things that helped me create a cozy atmosphere in my home.

Patience:  Creating a home that welcomes people in doesn’t happen overnight.  It happens when you add things that reflect you, your values, and your interests over time.

If you went to a furniture store and bought a “living room” it would be missing the key ingredient: YOU. So take your time when developing your home, it is a process.

My Back Door Entrance AKA: Dog Walking Station

Ingenuity:  Like many couples just starting out, my husband and I didn’t have a lot to budget towards decorating. This means I scour Goodwill, Ross, Michaels, and TJ Maxx once or twice a month looking for deals and the perfect item to add to my home.

I am NOT a DIY Diva, so usually I try to find something that is ready to add to my home with out any updates. Occasionally I will spray paint something, but usually it sits in my garage for a month before that happens.

Knowledge:  When decorating your home, some good basic knowledge of staging and decorating principles doesn’t hurt!  I check out thrift stores for used decorating books alot.  You can also check out any regular book store or a place like Michaels as well.

My all time favorite that I found most helpful is Use What You Have DecoratingThe author Lauri Ward, teaches some basic principles to make your house immediately feel more welcoming without buying alot of new stuff!

My Kitchen Counter

Inspiration:  While magazines have beautiful pictures of houses and decorating ideas, lately I have been going to the blog world for fresh inspiration!  There are soo many great decorating. DIY, and home blogs out there.

Two of my favorites are:  The Inspired Room, and Mr. Goodwill HuntingThese blogs provide fresh, easy, and inexpensive ideas for creating a space you love.

Fun:  Last but not least, creating a cozy home should be fun!  Try to avoid feeling like it needs to be perfect, or that you need to get it done fast.

Any decorator will tell you that their homes are constantly evolving.  There is no point that we sit back and say “Ok, it’s done”.  Your home will change as you change over the course of your life.

My Picture Mural

Enjoy the process.

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2 Responses to “Creating a Cozy Home”

  1. lifevesting November 3, 2011 at 08:33 #

    I love keeping dry food good in jars! I use mason jars but I love the ones from your pics. I also try to pull the labels off all the products in our home – it makes it feel cleaner and is a cheap makeover. Thanks for the tips!

  2. melissa @ the inspired room November 3, 2011 at 08:02 #

    So true, creating a cozy home isn’t about the big budget of time or money, but rather the love and care we put into it. Glad you are welcoming others into your home! I did my decorating business training through Use What You Have Decorating … it was really helpful in figuring out how to set up a home so it feels welcoming!!

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