Why Fitness Is Good For Marriage

24 Oct

My husband and I really enjoy working out together.

We like lifting heavy weights, metabolic conditioning, and being exhausted after just killing a workout together.

Maybe you aren’t as into working out as we are, but exercising with your spouse can improve any relationship.

Whether it is walking together, swimming, running, biking, going to the gym or hiking, exercising with your spouse makes you feel good. 

Why do it?

When we get beyond the mundane tasks of life, and break up the monotony with something different like exercise, it adds interest and fun to our lives (who knows, maybe some sexual interest as well).

Exercising together makes you feel like you are on a team with common goals.

Not only that, but exercise improves our moods from the endorphins that are released.  Yay for feeling good!

What next?

If you have decided that adding some fitness to your relationship could be a good thing, then sit down and write out some goals with your spouse.

Talk about what interests you and some things you could do together. Maybe join a gym, or plan some hikes.

Have fun with it and support each other in your goals.

Note: when setting your goals ensure they are S.M.A.R.T. and realistic to your lifestyle.

Are you feeling like your marriage could use a pick me up?

Take a walk with your spouse today, or make plans to start a new exercise regimen together.

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