Helpful Info. for Record Keeping and Taxes

21 Oct

Since the last Home Executive post, The Will to Make A Will,  got some good feedback and traffic, every 2 weeks I am going to write a post pertaining to being a Home Executive.

There are some really important aspects of being a Home Executive that we need to have under control, so we will learn and get them done together.

Two weeks is ample time to work on the topics we will discuss and once completed will give peace of mind.

By the way, did you schedule to have your wills done/updated yet?

It is essential to know where you important documents are.

Let’s jump right in…

Record keeping and Taxes.

How long do you keep pay stubs?  Tax records?  Receipts for debt payoff?  Who knows right?

Well, thanks to, a home organization site I subscribe to, and the great info there I now know!

Record keeping is confusing, and taxes can be stressful if you own a business or claim deductions.   That is why it is important to become knowledgeable in this area so we know what we need, and where it is when we need it!

For the home records cabinet, here is a great list of what to keep and how long.

This list was compiled by and sent out from two great sites worth checking out!

For taxes, the IRS has publications you can view online or download which answer lots of tax related questions.

Two that I found helpful were:

Recordkeeping for Individuals

Starting a Business and Keeping Records

I know this is a lot of information, but just work on it for 15 minutes at a time over the next few weeks. 

And remember that by having our records and taxes in order, we bless our families and show love to the people who matter most.

Make sure you check out the last Home Executive post:

The Will to Make a Will


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