A Well to Draw From

15 Oct

Fall is a great time to go for a walk on a clear quiet morning.


I have a two year old Vizsla named Trigger with loads of energy, so I take lots of walks.  The other day on my walk I thought of 5 different blog ideas one after the other.  I was thinking about that and realized how important it was to give my mind some rest and a chance to be creative.

As a working wife, I run around a lot and have things constantly running through my mind.  Sometimes I don’t feel like I sit down and rest until I go to bed.

Allow time to be alone with your thoughts.

The problem with this lifestyle is that we can’t constantly give and never fill ourselves back up.  We have to take time to do nothing

and recharge.  Maybe it is only an hour a week, or a few minutes a day, but it does wonders!

When we allow ourselves time to think and be creative, dreams we had and motivation to do what we must come back to life.

Let's refill our wells.

Can you think of the last time you allowed yourself to sit quietly and think about your life?

Think about your dreams?

Think about your goals?

Think about your needs?

Think about your character?

Think about your womanhood?

Think about your faith and beliefs?

This weekend let’s set aside some quiet time and refill the well that we draw from.

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