5 Things I Love About My Husband

14 Oct

When we were doing premarital counseling, the counselor asked my husband and me to list our 5 favorite and our 5 least favorite qualities about each other.

Can you believe it, but even then it was easier to verbalize specific negatives than the 5 favorite things.  Why do you think that is?

I think that we have been trained to notice things that are wrong.   Daily appreciations of the great things that people in our life do aren’t noticed like what they do wrong.

With that in mind here are my latest 5 favorite things about my husband:

  1.      He has an extremely high level of character.
  2.      He is a great leader and I can trust his decision making.
  3.      He is great about verbalizing his appreciation for things that I do.
  4.      He is a fabulous communicator and has great people skills.
  5.      He is extremely positive and helps me look on the brighter side of life.

    Genuine appreciation can speak louder than "I love you"

It is easy to say I love you, but often it is more meaningful to know specific things that someone loves about you.

Today take a few minutes to list your favorite things about your spouse.  Leave some of your favorite things in the comment section.

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5 Responses to “5 Things I Love About My Husband”

  1. caroline November 1, 2011 at 05:43 #

    My friend always tells me when you are looking at something that goes wrong…quickly change it to how many things had to go right before this one little negative could have happened! Negative thinking almost ruined my marriage and today I’m so grateful to know that my hubby is 1. Smart: in every way, technical, simple, common sense! 2. Super hot 🙂 always helps!! 3. A great provider: he’s the man that will work at a full time career all day and then deliver pizzas at night so we can squeak by in hard times. 4. Patient: he’s stuck by me no matter what! and 5. God loving: he was an atheist when i met him and I’m so grateful he’s come to know a God of his understanding.

  2. lifevesting October 24, 2011 at 12:28 #

    This post is so beautiful and sweet I just had to comment on how touching it is. I was just introduced to your blog today but I’ll look forward to reading it in the future since you have such wonderful insights on carrying on a health relationship. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Caroline October 14, 2011 at 07:27 #

    Well, your hubby is cute too! 😉
    For my hubby…. Hmmmm…
    1) He’s supportive, even when it is something he could care less about.
    2) He is an amazing father. Hands down, the best!
    3) He is is smart… I love some brain candy! Not only in a geeky/technical way, but in every day life situations too. He brings a different perspective to situations and he is usually right.
    4) He’s Paleo! Sounds soooo stupid but this is a major part of my life and I can’t imagine having a spouse who didn’t go through this journey with me. He was open minded enough to try it and I’m thankful (that he tried and that it stuck!)!
    5) He never focuses on the negative but quickly directs me to all the positive things in life, even during a negative situation. He makes me happy.

    • kickasswife October 14, 2011 at 13:58 #

      I love all those favorites! And yes my hubby is cute too 🙂 You are definitely right about the diet stuff too. It would be hard to have someone opposed to the way you eat.


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