Streamlining Productivity in Our Lives and Homes

12 Oct

My husband has a name for when I leave something half done.

 A Step 2

What is a Step 2?

It is pretty self-explanatory, but a Step 2 is when instead of following something to completion you do it partway, and then leave the rest for later.

For example:  Sometimes after eating, rather than put the dirty dishes right in the dishwasher, leaving the sink available for use, I stick them in the sink.  My husband finds this annoying, and now by proxy so do I.

Is your sink overflowing with dirty dishes?

Here is another great one: I do laundry, fold it, and even bring it to the bedroom, but it sits there for 2 days before I put it away.  It takes all of 5 minutes to put clothes away!  I am proud to say that this Step 2 is pretty much eliminated now.

Why do we do Step 2’s?

Has your laundry basket become your new dresser?

Personally, sometimes I am just feeling lazy, or I hope someone else will do it for me.  Maybe I get distracted by something else that comes to mind and start that before I finish my first task.  Whatever the reason, it makes my life harder in the end, and is a sign that I am not being as effective in my life and home as I could be.

A Step 2 doesn’t only affect us though.  It potentially affects our partner, kids, and maybe even co-workers depending on the situation, leaving them out in the cold because we didn’t follow through.

How do we eliminate Step 2’s?

Awareness is probably the biggest factor.  When I am thinking about leaving something for later, I say to myself, “Is there any good reason I can’t just finish this now?”  If I am out of time, then fine, but usually I have the time to finish something and don’t want to.

Another idea is to make a rule that we don’t move on to a new project until the first is completed.  This may be difficult in a work situation sometimes, but will really help productivity if we focus on one thing at a time.

My husband and I have a cue as well, when one of us is leaving something undone we just say “Step 2”.  This usually draws a chuckle and we finish what we had planned on leaving undone.

Today as you go about your business, notice if you leave things half done.  If so, become aware and try to eliminate some of your Step 2’s.


3 Responses to “Streamlining Productivity in Our Lives and Homes”

  1. caroline November 1, 2011 at 05:38 #

    I love this article!! I loathe clutter and clutter always happens due to Step 2s!!

  2. Laura October 12, 2011 at 06:47 #

    Oh boy. I will be doing this all day today. lol In fact, I think I’ll go finish the dishes right now! Haha

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