Bitterness: The Beginning of the End of Your Marriage

6 Oct

When I think of what an unraveling relationship looks like, a picture like this comes to mind:

I imagine lots of fights and anger, probably about money, kids, in laws etc.

Now picture this:

You take the trash out for your husband after you asked him to do it.  You think, “I wish he could do this one small thing for me!”.  You are surprised by your reaction, but have lately been getting tired of taking care of things around the house.  Over the next few weeks you start noticing little things that your partner isn’t taking care of.  One negative thought piles on the next and soon everyday you feel resentment toward your partner.

That is a picture of bitterness.  And it is a quiet seed that grows in the hearts of many of us unless we make the choice to pull it out.

The end of a relationship is not sudden.  It usually starts several years before with little thoughts and attitudes that are left unchecked.  Practice makes perfect, and if we practice feeling sour that is what we will become.

The challenge is this: the next time you feel negative about something your spouse did/didn’t do or said/didn’t say stop yourself.  Think about all the good things in life and don’t let small things take your happiness and joy.  Laugh at the idea that you would let something small come in between you and your love for your partner.

Don’t let bitterness steal your life.


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