3 Habits that Improve Your Life

25 Sep

Several months ago, I started becoming unhappy in my job.  It wasn’t that anything bad was happening, but I was just ready to leave and couldn’t due to a contract.  Slowly things started going downhill.  I didn’t work out frequently, stopped taking care of the house as well, and most importantly stopped dreaming and setting goals.  When I thought of a goal to set, I told myself I wouldn’t follow through.  I would rather not bother than face the guilt and disappointment of failing.  Pretty bleak!

When you are having a hard time in one area, it often spreads.  Life isn’t meant to be compartmentalized.  So how do we pull ourselves up and out?

At some point we say enough is enough and start taking charge of our lives again.  For me, I immediately started adding three things to my life that I knew I could do.

1. Excersise.  Working out automatically makes our moods impove.  Endorphines help us feel better, and when we feel better we are empowered!  I set the bar at three times a week at first and since then have raised it. 

 2.  A Morning and evening routine.  If we do some simple things in the morning and evening to make our days run smoother then our stress is reduced.  It also helps declutter our minds.  When you find your keys the night before, then you have gotten rid of that worry in the morning.

3. Eating better.  Its funny how we often eat worse when we are depressed.  The thought pattern for me was I feel crappy, therefore I deserve this food to make me feel better. Inevitably, after eating it I would feel guilt and therefore feel worse!  We are worth it to eat well!

 I didn’t overnight become happier and less stressed, but fastforward to the present and I have realized that sticking with these little things every day has made me feel better.  I even feel much more positive about my job and the quality of work I do.

Now that I have a base of trust in myself again, I can start dreaming and setting bigger goals!  One was this blog!

If you are having some trouble trusting yourself to follow through, or are just feeling a little low about life add exercise, morning/evening routines, and eating better to your days. 

Remember to set goals that you know you can make.  We need to boost confidence and small meaningful accomplishments help!

Here’s some resources that helped/inspired me:

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.

Quitter by Jonathan Acuff

Manvotional: The Gains of Drudgery by Art of Manliness


5 Responses to “3 Habits that Improve Your Life”

  1. Joy September 27, 2011 at 18:43 #

    Thanks for the book recommendations…always love those!

  2. jillnottelten September 26, 2011 at 03:51 #

    Thanks for a great post. This makes a lot of sense.


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