I Phone Dilemma: The Importance of Attention

19 Sep

My husband and I recently dumped our dumb phones for smart ones!  Sounds great, but it is already stealing our attention away from the present moment.

Having this great phone has the potential to add almost constant distraction to  the day.  I got it swearing to myself that I would not be glued to it, but when I ride in the car, sit and watch a show, or talk to my husband, I find myself looking at the phone simultaneously. I don’t know about you, but when my husband and I talk to each other, we like to know the other person is listening, so this phone is a problem!  Is it the phone or me? 

Phone or not, when someone we care about is talking to us, they deserve our full attention.  Even if the topic seems unimportant, we speak volumes by how we interact and communicate.  Eye contact says you are important to me, distraction shows that in that moment they are second to our own interests.  That is not what I want to communicate.

It is so easy after we have been with someone for a little while to begin to get comfortable, forgetting the courtesies and respect that seemed so vital when we first were together.  You would consider it rude (I hope) if a coworker didn’t acknowledge a question you asked, but that can be how we treat our loved ones!  Sometimes, it takes an effort to set aside what we are working on and listen, but it is worth it.

Today pay attention to how you communicate and see how you can improve!


One Response to “I Phone Dilemma: The Importance of Attention”

  1. Mary September 20, 2011 at 17:50 #

    I listened with more intensity today as I spent time with friends. Thanks for the good word.

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